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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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going on in the world, another american journalist who was beheaded. lou will connection the dots to middle east russia, andure economy, keep it right here, on fox business. business. lou: good evening, islamic state beheads another american, in iraq are u.s. and iran now allies in fight against the islamic state? president goes to estonia about 100 miles from russia's border to demonstrate firm support for our ba baltic nato allies. and our commentary on battle of wits between prob probe and put. it is a tough pivot to the economy. juan williams will be with us, hollywood stars exposed. a security breach, who is to
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blame? who pays? attorneys will join us. we begin tonight with breaking new, islamic state revealeed another gruesome video, a video of the barbaric murder of a second american journalist, this video has not yet been a then the kateed -- authenticateed by the government but it purported a terrorist beheading american reporter steve sof sotloff. shortly after this video, was released, and acknowledgeing that united states is conducted over 100000 bombings against thc lambic state in iraq, state
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department refusinged to say whether we're at war with the islamic state. you will remember president obama just last week, announced to white house press core and the world that he has no strategy at all. when it comes to defeating the islamic state. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse, we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i have seen in some of the news reports, suggestions that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we are. and i think that is not just my assessment but the assessment of our military as well, we need to make sure we got clear plans we're developing them. lou: fox news confirmed that, has been aware of the extend of the islamic state rise to power for more than a year now, details intelligence, has been appearing in presidential daily
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briefing since spring of last year, fox news chief intelligence contract cat ring catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: the new video, called a second message to america purports theic cution of steven sotloff, a terrorist, stands next to him, and ends with a horrific imact o image od placed on top of a bloody body, the white house offered condolences but no confirmation. >> i am not in position to confirm that hav or reports, our thoughts and prayers are with mr. sotloff, and his family, those who worked with him. >> reporter: two weeks ago isis threatened to kill is on the sotloff at the end of the foley execution video. if u.s. continued strikes in iraq, another hostage, believeed to be british is shown at the en of this video, there is a warning, to those joining a
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u.s.-led coalition against isis, your knives will continue to strike the necks of your people, the execution of two americans as hands of islamic extremeist give more creadance to complaints from capitol hill, that the president is too cautious. >> i am not going to again put new labels on it, it is clear we're concerned about threat of isil to western interesting and interests in the region. >> reporter: earlier a former pentagon official told fox news that details and specific intelligence about rise of isis was includeed in president's daily brief, for at least a year before the group took large swaths of territory in june, official said that data was strong, adding a policymaker like the president who often fakes his brief electronically could only conclude the i the situation of getting bad, today, neither the white house or pentagon denied claim. >> we have talked about isil for
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many months now. as i have said before we were very closely monitoring and tracking their progress, their growth, their development. well before they rolled in to mosul. this is not an organization that's with not been watching. >> reporter: on whether obama administration delayed acting to the phony rescue, the former pentagon official said that compound was identified, and believed to be holding foley and other captives, but white house was hesitant in continued to act for more intelligence. and within the last few minutes we confirms that president has been briefed on the latest execution have 42 isis, before -- video from isis before he headed overseas. lou: thank you catherine herridge. turning to ukraine, nato announcing a new proposal to form what they call a rapid response force capable of deploying into eastern european countrys on 48 hours notice. nato officials tell fox news
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this force of some fore,000 troop -- 4,000 troops will be most concrete response. president obama tonight on his way to estonia before nato meetings in wales, they claim it was it show putin that american stands with our baltic allies, ed henry is in estonia with our live report. >> nato played a leading role, produced everyone to indicate that russia has interveneed in ways that grossly violate the territoryial integrity of the inspect nation of ukraine, that is something that united states, along with all our international partners, stands against. no accident that on his way to a nato summit this week, president obama is first spending the night in estonia, over 100 miles from russia's border. white house officials added this
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stop to send a message to russia president putin. that the u.s. will stan up for tiny nato allies like estonia, that could be in russia across hairs next, days after the president's warning to putin, about his repeated moves in nearby ukraine. >> russia is responsible for the violence in eastern ukraine. the violence is encourageed by russia, separatists are trained and armed by russia, and funded by russia. president 350u putin and russiae passed by potential off-ramp toy resolve this. >> ukraine is not a member of nato that would join article 5 military protect of support. and thus far sanctions have done little to stop putin a aggression. >> i think that putin thinks he holds high cards he does not see anything in his way, i think he will continue to press, until he meets opposition.
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>> reporter: that opposition to be hammered out at nato summit in wails this week -- wales this week. putin will not be there. he is not a member of nato. there are now reports that putin told the president 6 european commission that if he wants to he will take kiev within two weeks, a sign this war of words could get more serious, and become an actual hot war, lou. lou: thank you very much. ed henry reports from estonia. >> thank you. >> fox business will have coverage of the president's joint press conference, held in estonia at 4:50 a.m. eastern time, lieutenan.
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>> a third american working as a missionary in west africa has been infected with the ebola virus, the man was treating be be patients not ebola patients but the doctor is now in isolation, and doing now and reported to be in good spirits, development comes as director of centers for disease control is warning that the ebola outbreak that killed more than 1500 people, is now spiraling out of control. >> the window of opportunity really is closing, i could not possibly over state that need for an urgent response, to get more patients into care. more work getting done in the communitys, safer burials, these will begin to get the outbreak under control. lou: surprisingly, he said that travel restricts to west africa are making things worse in his
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judgment. that is because according to friedman such restrictionss make it more difficult to get help in and respond affectively to the outbreak. lou: fbi is looking for hacker or hackers who released hundreds of nude photos of hollywood actresss on line over the week, among reported targets, jennifer launches, kate upton, and selena gomez, we'll have more, we're coming right back. >> the islamic state has beheaded another american journalist. a second message to america. fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland on the message and the obama administration's response. next.
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lou: stunning new footage released by nasa showing a series of powerful solar flairs over the surface of the sun over last week, on left side of the fun, not directed toward earth. they are not likely to pose danger to our power grids or communication systems. >> state deputy refusing to answer whether u.s. is at war with the islamic state, joining me now, kt mcfarland, is it troubling to you that state department stokes person would not -- spokesperson would not stpopbd we're arespond we're at? what does it take? >> i don't think they know what they are doing. i think it has been freefall, whether dealing with isis in middle east ordealing with homeland security threat in united states ordealing with
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china's more aggressiveness in south china china sea, in they are making it up as they go along, all they are thinking about is the day after tomorrow, not long range strategic disadvantage that u.s. is having from this. lou: day after tomorrow, nato in wales. does nato possess the the and power to meet putin his aggression? >> you know, what is the goal? go to wore with russia, i don't think so. if you strip away promises and threats. 3 things matter, putin does not back down, he knows, if he looks like he is getting intimidated by west he will have trouble at home, he then doubles down, the ukraine story is not a military
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story, this is an economic story, putin knows if ukraine is destabilized to no one invested in ukraine no one forgives ukraine debt, then ukraine by this winter is cold, and hungry, they are in in so much debt, and economic trouble they need russian imports of russian gas. they cut off export to ukraine of natural gas, they have not turned it back othey say we want money from you, and higher price, all that. so only one that matters is not barack obama it is angela further elsmerkelof germany. lou: if no one the might vladimir putin on a file of battle, it does not look like there is anything to stop him moving as far as he wishes when he wishes through eastern europe, and perhaps beyond.
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>> that is the question, is ukraine enough? was crimea enough? or is his -- >> history tells us. >> never enough. his goal i think all along has been to show gobble up country after country, region after region, then challenge nato. lou: if this is not a challenge to nato that requires response, i don't know what it would be defined. do woe wait until france, do we wait until poland, who is the trigger points? what about folks in estonia. >> nato members, ukraine is not a nato member, will we rally? rally? lou: it sounds like a coward's refuge to say ukraine seeking membership of e.u. in nato, trying to move toward the west, and europe did not have the guts to react, the united states did not, maybe
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this is a club that is too expensive to join. >> it comes at a high price, putin will not lit it go. lou: turn to islamic state. this obama administration refuseing to call it a war. we're in a alliance with iran, in part of fighting in iraq now against the islamic state. what is this administration doing? >> everything day they are making it up as they go along, syria used to be our enemy, and iran was too, we're good friends with them, u.s. needs to lock at crises in middle east in tw two ways, there is isis, how did we stop them, second is we ge bettr get serious about defending homeland. lou: are they serious? >> not about defending hope land with a -- homeland we have an open border. and we now have hundreds of thousands of european passport, and american passport holders who come to u.s. and bring hole
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wary holywar home. lou: and david cameron means to stofp it where it is now, thank you. lou: apple denying that its breach of icloud are to blame for the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal. saying they are investigating but certain accounts passwords and security questions, apple stock, up today. vote in tonight's on-line poll, question do you believe that social media companys should have the ability to limit your freud om of speech. -- freedom of speech, here is result poll friday. who you would trust more to protect your country? u.k.'s prime minister david cameron or president obama.
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98% sa% said cameron. up next. my commentary on president's battle of wits with vladimir putin. stay with us. we've never sold a house before.
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lou: tonight, hackers acquire nude pictures of from of hollywood's most famous celebrities and release them to world. security export john lucich on who is at fault. but first a few commenting on rising tension between u.s., europe and russia over ukraine. and public battle of bits between president's obama and putin. president obama will be in estonia trying to understand our nato allies, and ar assure them that u.s., and naughto nations -- nato nations remain committed to their defense.
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-- putin seems to be the early winner of the battle of wits. putin's foreign minister, today called on washington to pressure ukraine into negotiating a deal. as though russia were not the agressor in the crisis. and russians themselves have a sense of humor about the quote crippleing western sanctions. they were putin a punishment for his aggression. a duty-free shop in a russian airport put up this sign that tells world leaders they are now under sanctions, baned from the
7:25 pm
store and look elsewhere if thigh want cheap vodka. russia deputy prime minister told nasa, which depends on russia space agency to get americans ts to space station to perhaps use a promp trampoline t our astronauts into space. nato leaders, meeting in wales this week, reportly prepares to establish a rapid ston tea stone that would be ready to take on russia if it persists in its invasion of ukraine. how many troops are nato leaders thinking of? reports are they want a force of 4,000, nato troops. 4,000 nato troops. and these nato leaders' putin to think they are serious about stoping him?
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putin has been quoted his military will require two weeks to concur capital of kiev, and we'll find out if nato is anything more subsha substantiaa dinner society, we're coming right back. >> midterm elect campaigns in over drive as president plays political games with immigration, fox news analyst juan williams. on whether an executive action by this president on immigration would be a disaster for dems in the midterms next. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. lou: a new respect warns cost of educateing thousands of illegalivillingwell --
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illegal immigrant children who crossed or borders could exceed $761 million. crisis putting a strain on local school districts across the nation, particularly texas, new york, california, florida and virginia. fall elect season has arrived midterm now 62 days away, here to assess president's role in campaign. and terrain for democrats, juan williams. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's start with the election, president has pivoted on labor day to the economy. this looks like sheer desperation to me. not it seems at least a likely pivot that will result in any gains for democrats. >> well, he has to stir up the
7:31 pm
base. lou: all right. >> i hate to be so blunt with you, but that is what it will take. lou: i can handle it. >> get those democrats out, you know historically, it is republican who vote in midterms right now, the political landscape is very favable to the republicans not only in terms of the se senate but even in termsf house, senate seats that are up right now in red states won by romittromney in many cases, ande is, can those democrats hole on on in places like louisiana? arkansas? even north carolina? >> you think that the democrats will lose senate juan? >> i am not there yet, but at-this-point this a coin flip, i don't think there is anything who would tell you that. looking at computers right now, there are some have it as high as 65 percent that republicans will va majority, but it will be
7:32 pm
a slim majority. let's say that republicans do follow the formula and win, the control of the majority of the senate, you will have maybe 51 or 52 at the outside republicans, and you really in line for more of that political gridlock that americans hate. >> well, also they hate policies ill considered and too broad for the consensus that exists rather than the consensus that the president would expend his energy building. >> that is an interesting -- quickly say, that is an interesting points, mitch mcconnell. was taped saying if the republicans gain control, one of the first things they want to do is go after a lot of financial service regulation that democrats, obama administration has put in place. that i want to liberate clap for your audience at -- capital, for
7:33 pm
your audience that is important message, saying no way is she going to go about raising minimum wage. something that harry reid and president obama have been talking about. lou: but senate has not passed that legislation, that is with a man who said professs to support it, i think that senate in its leadership, democrats they be, are not very effective. and are as responsible for mess in washington as any of the other leadership groups, republican or democrat, let's turn if we may to a president who i mean, i can't figure out when he is doing here to be honest with you. >> join the club. lou: he has now decided he is not going to rule by fiat by granting amnesty to the million of immigrants but wait until after the elections.
7:34 pm
to do so. what do you make of that? >> well, this is politics. talking with jay johnson, secretary of homeland security last week, in even then, it looked like they were going to go ahead try to do something, as they have been saying by end of the summer, i took that to mean by end of september. but what you see is a political calculation now. trump all of the concerns coming in pressure coming from pro immigration reform groups, and that call yo -- capital khrus sd if you look at states where democrats try to turn out the vote, this is not going to help, hispanics are a critical vote in one senate state, that is colorado. the other states, what you would do is ignite an x-factor for republican turn out. they would below angry at president, and charge him with
7:35 pm
imperial presidency, all rest of the given talking points, so democrats saying why should we do that. lou: i said, as soon as he climbed into that tan suit last week that was a clear sign to me, i said on the air, that he would t not go ahead with his threat this a man who is trying to soften his image and change his ways in advance of midterms, i think just, this man it seems has one, one thing he responds to that is pure politics, let's turn quickly if we may to eastern europe. and to western russia. this president, in estonia tonight, going then to wails for nato summit -- wales for the nato summit, do you think he will stan up against putin. >> not in ukraine. i think we're talking about
7:36 pm
here, and cia director john brennan has been clear, we're offering intelligence, we are willing to do more in terms of even trying to get nato to launch some kind of a support. but nothing that i would say a, amounts to american might confronting vladimir putin and his bad behavior. lou: estonia? >> that is part of nato, i don't think that president has a choice there, he has to honor america's word, the world condemnation would be so overwhelming in this case. so, i think that american people would find that unacceptable. lou: good-bye ukraine? and never mind? >> yeah, well, no, not never mind but with crimea was a introduction, if you want to this chapter. that is we can do so much in ukraine but question is, are you willing to take on putin who just last week was preminding us that he is say nuclear power. lou: juan williams, we thank you for being here appreciate it.
7:37 pm
>> my pleasure lou. lou: good to see you, more proof of the tern style -- turn style of washington and wall street, eric cantor may have lost his seat in congress. but vice chairman managing director now, cantor's new salary 3.4 million, a slight bump from 193 thousand dollar salary in the house. don't you love it we're coming right back. >> security breached and so of the privacy of a-list celebrities who find their very personal pictures eposed to the world. cyber security export, john lucid, and lis wiehl on nude photo hack and the question is raises about the privacy of us all, and what in the world is social media?
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lou: wall street stocks closing mixed. financials best performing sector. energy the worse. crude oil losing $3. gold down $22. what happened to save haven buying? yele on 10 year rising. and dollar general raising bid for family dollar to 9.1 billion. in latest effort break up a deal with dollar tree. >> a new report shows companies taking 25 days on average to fill vacant positions, a 13 year high, companys with 5,000 or more employees average of almost 2 months to fill a job, up to 58
7:42 pm
days. >> home depot shares falling after they are investigateing a possible data breach, listen to my financial reports 3 times a day, on salem radio network. lou: a publicist for actress jennifer lawrence calling release of nude photos a tkphraeutkphraeugflagrant viola. joining us now. john lucic, ceo of network security group. how does this happen? you would assume that security would at least protect individual phones, this looks like what? a broad attack on seb celebrities? >> we're in early stains of
7:43 pm
investigation right now. apple has said they did a 40 hour investigation, they have not found any weaknesses or compromise in system, but that does not mean that accounts were not compromiseed, you set' a account you are asked to put up a security pas password. typically if you put up a weak pass -- password. lou: apple said they fixed a bug, in find my iphone service that allowed one to try multiple passwords. >> if you have a system that allows someone to go on time again to try a password that is a vulnerability, it was not a
7:44 pm
breach into apple system but if that is the case that sounds like a vulnerability. lou: is there a likelihood fbi can track them down. >> there will be logs, but as we straeus thtrace the logs sometiy come to a free wi-fi system. hacker will sit outside and break into someone so when cops track them back they go to that but they can go to wireless systems look at cameras. it is tough. when we come to mobile communications. lou: and a lot of people talk about that cloud. icloud, perhaps. as if there is some vulner billy there that would not exist were this in a different server different manner, connected to those mobile devices. >> icloud provides a great service, as so many cloud
7:45 pm
providers do, but it is -- i think problem is humans, we have a misunderstanding of technology, many people don't do that by default, your phone may sense photos, videos and everything else up to the icloud, and why? they can it to protect you, if you lose your phone or it gets destroyed you can get the photos back. lou: about maintaining that first level of security, a strong password. >> right. i met with two people today that had iphones, they checked their settings they did too didt realize dollar photos were getting sent to icloud, they have to be aware of if that i want to stop it, it is a simple setting. lou: which one. >> under settings, icloud, and photos, and says on, by default, turn it off. it will delete those photos and turn it off. lou: on behalf of everyone watching and listening to you
7:46 pm
who are going to their iphones, thank you. >> holiday weekend box office, it was ugly for everyone but for those makers of "guardians of the galaxy," disney sci-fi blockbuster taking in there are 44 million over the weekend. teenage mutant ninja turtles in second. and if i stay coming in third, ticket sales down 22% from last summer. largest summer to klein in hist -- summer to summer decline in history. >> up next, more on leak of the photos, more than 100 celebrities. with top attorneys on what does this mean, and recourse for those who have been offended
7:47 pm
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lou: our quotation of the evening from bill gates, historically privacy was almost implicit, it was hard to find and gather information but in the digital world -- we need to have more explicit rules, not just for governments but for private companies. >> joining us now to talk about legal ramifications of privacy rights, senso sensorship issuesd other big issuess so nateed with theds so --associated with the e shroebttycelebrity photos.
7:51 pm
>> we're jammed for time. we have a languag language a lo. lou: i could have said diva attorney. let's test it. this is a situation in which you have an attorney for one of the stars threatening legal action. is it possible? >> yes, right to privacy, celebrities by and large have a lesser sense of privacy, they put themselves out in public eye. they know a camera will be watching them but when they hack into clouds and computers. i have to admit i don't understand all of the technologies, hacking into that, and publicizes it, making public
7:52 pm
something that was otherwise private. that is an invasion of privacy, they can make that days, others have gone to jail for it. >> quote, you dobbs team put up from gates was fantastic. it really, nail on the head. if you look at recent supreme court arguments, even though most recent ones have gone in favor of us having privacy, i have been lucky enough to watch actual argument, supreme court justice saying, people wrap your brains around the fact we're getting less and less privacy. >> then you blame the victim, saying, because -- >> it is the reality. i agree with you. we have suspended our rights. >> twitter is suspending all accounts that published leaked
7:53 pm
nude photos of the celebrities. are its responsibilities in law? because it looks like a interference with right to free speech. >> could you be considered an accomplice to a crime, this is known to be stolen. >> generally not, servers, site, anything like that, you talk about something that -- >> not what? >> general not liable for anything. because they are -- >> how can theyice economy serea prerogative control of a individual's right to speech. >> i believe -- i believe they did the same thing with isis with the beheading, i believe twitter took the video down or suspended the accounts, they took some action regarding that,
7:54 pm
at least they are being consistent. but to your points, now they are playing the supreme court. this you can, this you can't do, we'll allow the beheading -- >> we taking more big aggressive big brother role than nsa did, and public outcry is against nsa not against microsoft, google, facebook, twitter. because, they are those who are intrudeing on the individual. >> comes down to celebrity, somehow all public so interested in it, you know. >> that is what people are looking at, twitter is like we don't want that coming down on us. >> here is what has to happen, cases that came down prosecuting people, they have been severe penalties. >> 10 years in prison.
7:55 pm
>> because these are stupid pictures but it could be tkpwoebggoldmansachs back finans our economy or medical records of tons of human beings. >> they are going to bill gates' quote. there is no explicit law, on the lines of responsibility, the lines of immunity, and prerogative. and accountability that comes to the digital universe, we have to have that, do we not? a federal judge interpreting the ambiguous, and vague is not going to to work. >> the law so far has not kept up with the technology, that happens often times between law and technology, law is printed on page. >> what you described i it is hw
7:56 pm
the law happens, a judge interpreter. lou: it points out that national media is behind the times they are focused a government issue and instruction on individual -- instructiointrudeing on an indis rights. >> and they get sued. >> thank you for showing them. >> author? >> they are thorough. lou: she is so nice. time for a few of your comments, do you remember when president comicly stated that the world is now a safer place. >> the world appears to befalling apart, in the obama era. creating chaos and distrust. and the objective was a copy of
7:57 pm
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. neil: well, we might not have a strategy for isis, but it appears isis very much has a strategy for us. keep killing, keep infuriating, because news today, it keeps happening, yet again another isis video purporting to show yet another beheading of an american, this time journalist steven sotloff and this despite pleas from his mother last week to spare sotloff gruesome fate as james foley. growing concerns for another hostage, british captive david haynes in latest video all but cued up for the next killing to


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